Picasso Minotauro

By: Leal, Paloma E

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Description: Picasso Minotauro, traces the use of the mythical figure of the Minotaur in the work of Pablo Picasso. The Minotaur first made an appearance in the artist's work in 1928, and was a central theme from the early 1930s until the war years. The figure stood, many have argued, as Picasso's alter ego, reflecting his varying states of mind during this complicated personal and political time in his life. Indeed, in many of the images here, the Minotaur is acting on the impulses of the id; engaged in hunting, sexual relations, and the like. The Minotaur also bears a relationship to the bullfighting motifs that Picasso explored; in fact, Picasso's Minotaur combines elements from the cult of Mithras-a Persian god who is usually shown sacrificing a bull-with the Minoan legend itself and the Spanish bullfighting tradition. All of these elements are explored in this volume, which includes 160 images of drawings and paintings, as well as several essays on the topic and several short writings that recall the theme of the Minotaur by Picasso himself. For the first time the works exploring this central motif are brought together in one book

Title: Picasso Minotauro

Author Name: Leal, Paloma E

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Publisher: 1900

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