Do All Races Share in Salvation: For Whom Did Jesus Christ Die?

By: Gayman, Dan

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A major concern of this thesis regards the exporting of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the third world. Is there a Biblical sanction for foreign missions to the non-white world? Does the blood of Jesus Christ reach beyond the limits of God's election? Can salvation be inclusive of the whole world? Did Jesus Christ die for the elect, or for all the world? How far does the blood of Jesus Christ extend? Is there salvation in Jesus Christ for all races? Do all races share a common origin in Adam, the fall, and in their subsequent need to be saved? Did Jesus Christ take the seed of Abraham in the incarnation? Or, did He take on the seed of every race in the miracle of the incarnation? Did He come to redeem only those who were under the penalty of the law? Did He come to extend salvation to those who were never under law? Were all races placed under the penalty of law? Does original sin apply only to Adam's race, or does birth sin extend to all others outside of Adam's race? Is there Biblical support for the foreign missions to the third world? Is Christianity a multi-racial religion? Is it Biblical for Christians to worship in a multi-racial congregation? All of these questions and more will be explored in this book.

Title: Do All Races Share in Salvation: For Whom Did Jesus Christ Die?

Author Name: Gayman, Dan

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Publisher: Tim Wesley: 2012

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